Where I Stand

We need to stand up for Reproductive Freedom and protect a woman’s right to choose:

  • Pass a law in Congress that codifies a woman’s right to choose and protects bodily autonomy
  • Fight to increase safe, equitable access to contraceptives for ALL Americans
  • Ensure health care is a human right and that confidential decisions about a woman’s body remain between them and their doctor, NOT in the hands of out-of-touch radical-right politicians

We must pay a livable wage, and invest in training programs that provide a path to meaningful work. I will fight:

  • For better conditions and wages for all workers
  • To expand access to trade schools and apprenticeships
  • For a culture of innovation that encourages small business owners to invest in our communities

We need to embrace innovative school solutions that prepare our students for success. I will fight:

  • To reduce classroom size by hiring more teachers and ensuring they are paid what they deserve
  • For equitable funding for our Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • To expand access to programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

I believe access to affordable, high-quality health care is a fundamental right. I will fight:

  • To increase access to high-quality health care.
  • To lower the cost of prescription drugs.
  • To strengthen our public commitment to mental health care.

I stand with organized labor and support organization efforts to secure better conditions and pay. I will fight:

  • To protect Michigan’s jobs while investing in workforce training
  • For passage of the Protecting our Right to Organize (PRO) Act
  • For passage of the FAIR Act to reduce forced arbitration provisions

Our seniors should be able to retire confident in their economic security and ability to access affordable healthcare. I will fight:

  • To lower prescription drug costs
  • To protect and expand Medicare
  • To protect the Social Security and pensions our retirees spent their entire lives working to earn

I am committed to keeping guns out of the hands of those who would use them for harm. As your Congressman I will fight:

  • To close the gun show loophole
  • To require weapons be stored in safe locations inaccessible to minors
  • For “red flag” laws that use evidence-based methodologies for safety assessment

We must confront and address the systemic issues that continue to plague policing across the country. I will fight:

  • For the passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
  • To address the over-policing, overcharging and over-sentencing of Black men
  • To ensure transparency about police policies, procedures, and use of force incidents on the job.

I’m dedicated to ensuring our troops are supported in their service, both at home and abroad. I will fight:

  • To ensure timely access to quality mental and physical health care
  • To invest in fixing our VA-run hospitals, especially in the 13th
  • To secure good-paying jobs for our veterans through programs like the Joining Force Initiative

The environmental and human impacts of corporate pollution in Michigan include higher asthma rates and contaminated tap water that causes cancer and birth defects. I will fight:

  • To hold corporations accountable for environmental abuses
  • To address the sources of pollution that impact our district and put children’s health at risk

I’ll do everything I can to protect the integrity of our elections, especially the right to vote. I will fight:

  • For passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and The Freedom to Vote Act.
  • To increase absentee and early voting measures
  • To make Election Day a federal holiday

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