RECAP: Michael Griffie’s Champions for the 13th

RECAP: Michael Griffie’s Coalition of Champions for the 13th

State Representative Tyrone Carter, Rev. Horace Sheffield, Monique Marks, CEO of Franklin Wright Settlements, Justice Kurt Wilder, (Ret.) Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Robert Bury, Former CEO of Detroit Historical Society’s and many more.

Yesterday, Tuesday March 8, 2022, at 10am, candidate for Congress Michael Griffie announced his Coalition of Champions for the 13th kicking off the campaign at YouthVille Detroit. The coalition reflects Michael’s journey and represents his ability to unite a region that includes 19 communities.

Michael Griffie’s Coalition of Champions consists of a diverse group of people who all have deep ties to the 13th Congressional District and have greatly impacted Michael. These people believe he should be the person to represent their interests and all the voices that make up the 13th.

Rev. Horace Sheffield emphatically said, “This is a different day in Detroit. We need a new type of politician in Detroit. We need somebody who wants to represent the people, I believe Brother Griffie will do that.”

Teacher, Principal, Lawyer, Leader, that’s what Michael embodies.

“I’m running this campaign because this is a campaign about people who have their feet on the ground doing the work. Behind me you see firefighters, teachers, judges, principals, factory workers. This campaign is about these people, it’s about you! It’s not about do-nothing portable politicians looking for a new and “better” job, it’s not about political insiders looking for an elevated status so they can have something next to their name. This campaign is about you. People care about why gas prices are over $4/gallon, why chicken wings cost $7/pack, why microchip shortages in China have cut their shifts at home. I’m running because I believe we need to raise wages for American jobs, we need universal pre-kindergarten for every child in America, we need to rethink public education” expressed Congressional candidate, Michael Griffie.

“Mike has heart, I recognized that from the first time we worked together. He will be my congressman,” said Jim Rosenfeld, shareholder at Butzel Long, former colleague.

“Mike Griffie personifies consistency,” added Elvis Johnson, Detroit Firefighter (ret.).

“He’s a worker. If it weren’t for Michael, I might not be living today. I had a stroke at school, Michael took me to the hospital. I stayed there for 22 days, Michael came to see me every day. Michael is one of the hardest working young men that I ever met, and I support him,” powerfully said by Robert Rogers, Pontiac School District, retired math teacher.

“I believe with your support we can bring this community together!” exclaimed Michael Griffie.

Other notable people of Michael Griffie’s Coalition of Champions that reflect the diversity of the 13th include, but not limited to:

Elvis Johnson, Detroit Firefighter (ret.), 13th Resident, Southgate

Staci Russell, Dean of Students, Metro Charter Academy, Romulus

Jim Rosenfeld, Shareholder at Butzel Long, Chair of Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation

Jamey Buckner, Principal at Trillium Academy, Taylor

Michael McSweeney, Assist. Principal, 13th Resident, Southgate

Jimmy Saros, Realtor, 13th Resident, Grosse Pointe

Theresa Doss, Judge (ret.), 13th Resident, Detroit

Pat Lewis, Shar, Inc 13th Resident, Ecorse

Scott Rice, President & COO Powerlink, 13th Resident, Grosse Pointe Farms

Kaveh & Caitlyn Kashef, 13th Residents, Grosse Pointe Shores

Gene Seaborn, Mentor & School Administrator (ret.) 13th Resident, Detroit

Robert Rogers, Mentor & Math Teacher, Pontiac Schools (ret.), 13th Resident, Hamtramck

and many more.

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