About Michael

About Michael

To learn about Michael Griffie is to learn about and understand his parents Robert and Vera.

They worked incredibly hard their entire lives. His father, a special education teacher during the day, taught driver’s education at night. His mother, a school social worker during the day, ran a geriatric home health care practice in the evenings. The two were proud members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers with 77 years of combined membership.

Their hard work was never lost on Michael, and their sacrifices paved the way for his future:

• First as a proud student-athlete and graduate of Wayne State University.
• Then, in the classroom as an English teacher, basketball coach, and after school program director.
• Later as founding principal of charter school in Detroit, then principal of a Michigan Reward School in Hamtramck.
• All while going to law school at night.

He is currently a civil rights lawyer, having practiced at one of Michigan’s largest law firms and non-profit executive with Teach for America working to address the teacher shortage crisis. Michael is a fighter who puts others ahead of his own interest.

Michael can trace everything back to the sacrifices that his parents made so that he could attain the American dream.

And now he’s chosen service over opportunity as a candidate for Congress. He is running for Congress to make sure the American Dream is attainable for your children, your family, and your loved ones.

Learn more about where Michael Griffie stands on the issues.

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